A succession is the process of transferring a decedent’s assets to his or her heirs and/or legatees upon ones death. (A legatee is someone who is named in a decedent’s Last Will and Testament)

There are two different types of successions in Louisiana. The first type is an intestate succession, and this involves a decedent who died without having a valid Will in existence at the time of his or her death. The second type of succession is a testate succession, and this involves a decedent who left a valid Last Will and Testament. Even if the decedent left a Last Will and Testament, but it is invalid as to its form or substance, or the testator was without capacity to execute his or her Last Will and Testament, then the succession will be classified as an intestate succession.

While many of the rules and regulations involved in the succession process are technical by their very nature, the actual process does not have to be overly complicated or drawn out. The vast majority of successions can be completed without the executor and heirs ever having to step foot in a court room.

The loss of a loved one is hard enough for family members to deal with, and the burden of trying to track down assets, locate relatives, and pay the final expenses only adds to the stress of the surviving family members. Our office takes great pride in assisting many families throughout the State of Louisiana by providing them with the knowledge, skills and compassion necessary to guide them through the succession process.

Our office handles all of the court filings, court appearances (if necessary), appraisals (if necessary), locating assets, locating heirs, obtaining the succession bank account, and takes the lead in helping the executor administer the decedent’s estate in a timely and efficient manner.

Not only will our office help you open and close the succession, we also have the experience and capabilities to defend and prosecute any claims brought against or on behalf of the decedent. Our office has successfully litigated numerous successions in many Louisiana parishes, and they have also successfully obtained judgments in their clients favor in the Louisiana Appellate Courts.

If you think a loved one’s last will and testament was done in an improper manner, or an ongoing succession is being handled improperly, we urge you to contact our office.